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Shop and Manufacturing Inspections

Versa Integrity Group provides visual and NDE inspection services to support the quality control programs of manufacturing shops and fabrication facilities. What are Shop/Manufacturing Inspections? This type of inspection work occurs during the production process of a multitude of large diameter…

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Above Ground Storage Tank Inspection

Versa Integrity Group offers a full complement of inspection services to facilitate new tank construction API-650, in-service and out-of-service API-653 storage tank inspection What is Aboveground Storage Tank Inspection? A process that adheres to a standard developed by the American Petroleum I…

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Plant Turnaround Support

Versa Integrity Group has a large complement of certified visual inspectors with varied background of experiences. What is Plant Turnaround Support? A plant turnaround constitutes the management of a scheduled plant shutdown to perform maintenance, inspection, and repairs that are not possible w…

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Plant Mechanical Integrity Inspection

Versa Integrity Group, Inc. staffs, operates, and supports some of the largest Mechanical Integrity programs in the United States. What is Plant Mechanical Integrity (MI) Inspection? Mechanical Integrity (MI) refers to the management of process equipment to verify that the equipment is working p…

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