Rope Access

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Spring Hangers - Rope Access

Rope Access techniques are ideal for work on pipe supports and spring hangers. Proper spring hanger function is critical to the mechanical integrity of process units. This is especially true in Power Plants with their High Energy Piping (HEP) circuits. Many issues cannot be seen from the ground. Ha…

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Rigging - Rope Access

While standard Rope Access techniques get technicians where work is needed, sometimes combining the rope expertise with conventional methods can be a powerful tool. Many of our climbers are also expert riggers which allows us to work with cranes and air tuggers to position heavy equipment and mater…

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Fabric Maintenance - Rope Access

Rope Access crews can handle insulation, siding, painting, and other tasks in all areas including confined spaces. Whether a small repair is required or a major installation, Rope Access teams can get the work done. By making access affordable, small repairs can be made before they turn into larger…

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Mechanical and Electrical Work - Rope Access

Rope Access crews can handle mechanical and electrical tasks in all areas, including confined spaces. Whether the work needs to be done at the top of a structure or inside a vessel, Rope Access teams can get the work done. Again, the key to the efficiency of the work is the multi-tasking ability of…

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NDT and Visual Inspection - Rope Access

Rope Access crews are ideally suited to carry out all forms of NDT and Visual Inspection in all areas, including confined spaces. Versa Inspection Technicians are trained and certified to SNT-TC-1A standards. The key to our rope access efficiency is the multi-tasking ability of our teams. NDT techn…

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