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Above Ground Storage Tanks (ASTs)

When it comes to above ground storage tanks (ASTs), we have all heard horror stories about the potential consequences of improper inspection and maintenance: environmental catastrophes, skyrocketing financial penalties, and even worker injury or fatality. Based on these inherent risks, the EPA and API, to name two, have developed standards and guidelines to prevent spills, and a multitude of other consequences associated with ASTs. One of the applicable standards is, of course, API 653 which sets guidelines to inspect and repair above ground storage tanks (ASTs) already in-service. Another, STI-SP-001, meets the current EPA requirements for small tanks that fall into the agency’s rule for Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC). Both standards demand rigorous inspection and maintenance of ASTs to ensure that facilities do not create hazardous situations for themselves and the communities in which they operate.

For owner/users, meeting these standards and guidelines can become a time-consuming and costly endeavor. Especially when there is already plenty on their plates. This is where Versa Integrity Group comes in. We specialize in API 653 and can manage your facility’s entire AST mechanical integrity (MI) program. This leaves you more time to manage your facility, and less time worrying about whether this contractor will handle the project efficiently, safely, and to code.

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