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We aren't all about refining and processing...

With conventional and advanced NDT methods as the foundation of our success, the power generation industry greatly benefits from our expertise. Power generation is not unlike the refining and processing industry in that the large equipment assets that contribute to the functionality of the plants require regular inspection and maintenance to avoid catastrophic failures and costly shutdowns. This is precisely why Versa Integrity Group spends a considerable amount of time preparing our team for the unique challenges associated with each type of power generation facility; whether that be coal, LNG, or nuclear.

An important addition to our asset integrity management solutions for the power generation industry are rope access and heat treatment. Our ASNT certified rope access professionals can inspect areas that would not be financially feasible otherwise. Versa's heat treatment services are critical to equipment pieces like the turbines in power generation facilities.

All our solutions are what makes us an excellent provider for power generation asset integrity management solutions.


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