Baton Rouge Grand Opening Coming Soon

A couple more months and Versa will be opening our Baton Rouge office!

By now you’ve one, saw the last email newsletter about the Baton Rouge office grand opening coming up. Or two, you’ve heard about it around the office “watercooler” (most of our offices really do have a watercooler!). Point is, you’ve heard about it; and we want to give you a few more details about the Baton Rouge office opening near the beginning of October.

The tentative date for the grand opening is going to be around October 6th. However, our office has already begun some level of operations to date. We just don’t want to have the big soiree until we have furniture and our big, beautiful Versa sign on the building. Also, we will send out another announcement by about the middle to end of September with the final grand opening date so you can plan to bring your family, friends, and clients (of which one may be the other!). Keep on the lookout for that announcement.

Finally, let’s give Michael Rabalais, Tracey Maloney, Sam Martin, Bill Bertram, Christy Martin, Clay Savoy, and many others the praise they have earned for getting all of this together. The hard work they have put into preparing this office is not going unnoticed. It’s important to us, here at Versa, that we take the time to thank our fellow employees and contributors. That in mind, next time you see your co-worker doing a good job or taking care of something, let them know. In fact, let your manager know so that person can receive the praise they deserve. We all enjoy being praised for doing a good job and we want to encourage everyone to try doing that this week.

Versa Integrity Group is growing and we believe that these acts of kindness, these human acts, are what makes the difference in the way our work relationships function. This is a part of the unified solution. Treating others as we expect to be treated. Looking out for others’ interests along with our own. We can make a difference when we recognize hard work and point it out. Let’s start that practice with the Baton Rouge office. Way to go everyone!

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