Help Those In Need

The recent natural disasters have left many in dire straits. Think about donating to the Versa disaster relief fund to alleviate the most immediate concerns of our co-workers and their families.

Hurricane Harvey and Tropical Storm Harvey, two brothers that have uprooted many lives in the Gulf Coast area, have finally moved North. In their wake, a multitude of people have lost everything, or nearly everything; homes, vehicles, possessions, loved ones, and even essentials like clothing and toiletries. Events like these are tragic, but they ironically remind us what really matters in life. The ability to help others in need, take care of loved ones, and give freely of what we have are the true lessons from these natural disasters. As devastating as the floods and storms have been, we have all grown closer, helped one another, and shown what true partnership is all about.

To each one of you that has lost something, or helped someone, we are here to support you. This is what we strive for; this is who we are; this is the unified solution.

Follow this link to Help:

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