How Has The Unified Solution Impacted Your Project?

By now, you’ve probably noticed our tagline “the unified solution”. It is entirely possible that you have determined on your own just what we mean by that and how it is exemplified in what we do. However, we are going to give you a short explanation. The unified solution is our promise to customers that any asset integrity management challenge they may come across, we can handle. It means that we have the expertise and resources to provide qualified NDT technicians, rope access professionals, PWHT technicians, or even engineer consultants to their project, big or small. We pride ourselves on putting our customers first, which is precisely why we offer a full asset integrity management suite of services.

All that said, it’s obvious we like to exceed customer expectations. Which is why it’s no surprise that customers sharing their experiences with us is so valued and appreciated. Now, we want to share one of those experiences with you. Take a look at what David thinks about Versa Integrity Group:

“In March of 2017, Energy Transfer Co. was tasked with an integrity project on a 20” pipeline in S. TX that included pipe replacements in a large number of sites that were located between Victoria, TX and Alice, TX. Timing was very critical on this project due to customer outages while we had the line down for maintenance.

Versa Integrity provided NDT for the entire length of the pipe replacements, including NDT for 7 separate sections of pipe that we performed a hydrotest for pre-tested pipe as well as NDT for on-site hydro testing and final tie-in welds. There were more than 58 cut outs that had to be replaced with new sections of pipe.

Before the start of the project, I received a quote for the estimated cost for NDT on this project. Versa Integrity provided us with qualified NDT Techs who got the work done in a timely manner. We also came in under budget. I would recommend Versa Integrity to anyone. They definitely did a great job for us!”

David R. Hall

Manager of Construction

Eagle Ford/ S. TX. Region

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