Above Ground Storage Tank Inspection

Versa Integrity Group offers a full complement of inspection services to facilitate new tank construction API-650, in-service and out-of-service API-653 storage tank inspection

What is Aboveground Storage Tank Inspection?

A process that adheres to a standard developed by the American Petroleum Institute (API) to offer a set of guidelines to inspect and repair aboveground storage tanks used in the chemical and petroleum industry. One of the applicable standards is API-653, which our experienced personnel have utilized since the inception of the certification program.

Advantages of Versa Aboveground Storage Tank Inspection

Versa Integrity Group, Inc. has engaged in API-653 inspection since the beginning, and have thus performed thousands of aboveground storage tank inspections. Additionally, we participate in several in-service inspection programs for our customers and maintain records of due dates for them. Our out-of-service inspection is extensive, and we have personnel and equipment to support all phases of the inspection per specifications. Furthermore, the formal reporting procedure we follow provides a full evaluation of all floor, shell, roof, and appurtenance calculations.

Versa Integrity Group, Inc. also offers certified inspectors with experience in the application of STI-SP-001 to meet current EPA requirements of small tanks that fall into the agency’s rule for Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC).

Aboveground Storage Tank Inspection Services

  • Floating and fixed roof evaluations
  • Primary and secondary seal inspections
  • MFE flux leakage inspection of floor plating
  • Remote and manual UT crawler inspection of shell plating
  • Video camera inspection of inaccessible locations
  • Roof inspections using remote crawler system
  • Laser inspection of tank internal floor level deviations
  • Edge settlement evaluations
  • Laser transit external settlement inspection and evaluation
  • Planar tilt evaluations
  • Vacuum box testing
  • Internal floating roof membrane and pontoon inspection
  • External floating roof pontoon visual, diesel, and air testing
  • Helium leak testing of tank floors
  • Corrosion Mapping (AUT) of areas of concern/indication monitoring
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