API 510 - Pressure Vessel Inspections

Our API 510 inspectors, along with our Advanced Reliability Resources (ARR) department, NDT, and rope access services give our clients the unified solution they can trust.

API 510 inspection is a critical component to ensuring the safe and efficient operation of pressure vessels and pressure relieving devices that protect these vessels in the refining, chemical processing, exploration, extraction, transportation, and pharmaceutical industries. Unless, of course, the vessel in question is exempt by the API 510 code. That said, API 510 inspectors are an important part of facility’s mechanical integrity (MI) programs and the overall safety of the facility. The potential environmental impact and human casualties of a pressure vessel failure are what drive each of the above industries to ensure their pressure vessels are cleared for continued operation. This is precisely why we do not take staffing your facility with API 510 inspectors lightly.

Why Versa?

The reality for many owners/operators is that an API 510 inspector is an API 510 inspector. We just need someone out here now! While this is not entirely inaccurate, the key to our services is the integrity (no pun intended) and experience of our inspectors. We hire and train the best API inspectors for each unique project to ensure your facility’s pressure vessels are in proper working order to continue operating safely and as efficiently as possible. Additionally, we can combine our mechanical integrity and NDT services to complete a total asset integrity management solution for your project. This is what we like to call the unified solution.


  • In-service inspection repair
  • Alterations/rerating activities
  • Turnaround projects
  • Evergreen
  • And more…

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