Corrosion Control Documents (API 970)

Work with the experts who wrote the book on corrosion control documents.

What are Corrosion Control Documents (CCD)?

Corrosion Control Documents (CCD) contain safety information about specific pieces of equipment or materials, including instructions on how to avoid and manage corrosion, and relevant other damage mechanisms for that piece of equipment. CCDs are valuable tools for an effective inspection and mechanical integrity program. CCDs help to identify the damage mechanism susceptibilities of pressure containing equipment, their related corrosion-causing components, and recommended actions to be implemented to mitigate the risk of loss of containment or unplanned outages.

A corrosion control document usually includes:

  • Information on the unit itself,
  • Process flow diagrams,
  • Corrosion loop diagrams,
  • What it’s made from and why,
  • The corrosion circuits and the damage mechanisms in each,
  • Possible failure modes from the damage mechanisms and their consequences,
  • Critical locations, integrity operating windows,
  • Shutdown, startup, and unusual operating conditions, and
  • Predicted corrosion rates.

Oftentimes corrosion control policies are drawn from experience, along with sources such as API RP 571. In comparison, proper CCDs tend to be more detailed and more tailored to a specific piece of equipment than API RP 571. This is where the American Petroleum Institute standard API RP 970 (Corrosion Control Documents) comes into play. The standard outlines the correct process and requirements for creating a CCD.

Advantages & Benefits of Versa CCDs

Versa Integrity Group’s experts play a key role in developing new technologies. Versa’s Marc McConnell is the Chair of API 970, and is leading the effort to create this new document.

Effective implementation of the CCD is equally as important as developing the unit specific CCD. We can help with implementation / rollout with training. We can provide training presentations, manuals, Computer Based Training (CBT) modules, Quiz/Test/Examination Questions, etc.

We can implement thorough corrosion control policies using CCDs to manage integrity, and optimize inspection frequency, maintenance cost and plant availability.

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