Fitness for Service (API 579)

Our FFS expertise enables us to provide authoritative, practical, knowledge based answers, and to solve your problems.

If a piece of equipment gets damaged, does that mean it can no longer be useful? Does it have to be taken out of service and repaired immediately or, if irreparable, decommissioned? Maybe. But to just assume that a piece of equipment is lost at the first sign of damage is wasteful and inefficient.

What is Fitness for Service (API 579)?

When it comes to judging whether a damaged piece of equipment can be returned to service, the industry looks at its “fitness for service” (FFS) assessment. In short, an asset’s FFS is its ability to continue working despite having flaws or damage.

Advantages of Versa Fitness for Service

We can perform FFS assessments when concern is expressed that an asset is in acceptable condition to perform the job required. This may be a simple as a basic hoop stress calculation (for required thickness) or as complex as a finite element analysis. Our personnel are knowledgeable in a wide variety of codes, standards, and engineering assessments. We perform fitness for service evaluations for specialized and non-specialized equipment and can account for a variety of potential flaws such as corrosion, dents, fire damage, or cracks.

Benefits of Versa Fitness for Service

Versa engineers use proprietary SagePlus technology to analyze fixed equipment. This provides practical and cost-effective solutions to challenging FFS opportunities.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience enables us to provide authoritative, practical, knowledge based answers, and to solve your problems. We have performed fitness for service assessments on all types of damages that occur in the oil and gas industry on a wide variety of equipment. This includes pressure vessels, process piping, above ground storage tanks, heat exchangers and mechanical components.

Our years of experience includes assessments of a magnitude of different damage mechanisms that are common to our industry. These include:

  • Bulges and out-of-roundness
  • Crack like flaws
  • Dents and gouges
  • Laminations and blisters
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