Integrity Operating Windows (IOW)

Does your facility implement IOWs adequately? Let Versa's seasoned veterans help your facility with their proven expertise.

What are Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs)?

Every piece of equipment in a facility has its limits. These limits are known as integrity operating windows (IOW). Working outside these limits can be dangerous and can cause initiate corrosion that will promote equipment damage or failure.

IOWs can be set on any number of parameters. The most common are limits on temperature or pressure that equipment must perform under. They can be established around any damage mechanism that can affect a piece of equipment.

To implement IOWs properly, it is important to have an IOW plan in place for each piece of equipment. These plans should describe what to do if a piece of equipment exceeds its IOW and how quickly a response needs to happen. They also set out ways to keep equipment within its IOW.

Advantages of Versa IOWs

· Assisting in understanding effects of crude slate changes.

· Identifying high temperature creep

· Finding HTHA (High Temperature Hydrogen Attack) conditions

· Isolating areas of potential for environmental cracking.

Benefits of Versa IOWs

One of the more important standards covering IOWs is API RP 584 - Integrity Operating Windows. It sets out the guidelines for creating an IOW plan, how to implement IOW limits on different types of equipment, and more. Members of our staff play a key role in developing new technologies. We were instrumental in contributing to the Task Group that created API-584. Marc McConnell, of our staff, is currently the Chair for API-970 Corrosion Control Documents. IOWs are a vital part of a CCD.

Versa personnel can conduct IOW training courses to assist with IOW implementation. This will involve materials, corrosion, and inspection training courses for operations, maintenance, engineering and inspection personnel. Our engineers teach for NACE and provide API courses.

Versa Integrity Group has been a leader in oil & gas industry safety for many years and is proud to offer integrity operating window consulting services to our clients. We strive to help you implement efficient and effective IOW programs at your facility.

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