Mechanical Integrity Inspection

Versa Integrity Group has been engaged in providing offshore mechanical integrity inspection for over 40 years.

Our inspection teams are proficient in conducting visual inspections as well as NDE. The data is collected using ultrasonic thickness and profile radiography.

Services Provided

Baseline inspections are accomplished by sketching the piping and process vessel circuits on paper. P&I diagrams are used for tracing systems and assuring the inspection team documents the correct circuit breaks and pressure protection systems. PSV’s are verified to make sure each circuit pressure data is compatible to the intended design data.

Piping inspections are prioritized beginning with the highest rated pressure segments, followed by subsequently lower pressure rated segments of the production system. System inspections include all flowlines, manifolds, oil, gas, and produced water separation systems. New requirements by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE) and Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) will include inspection of additional equipment. Versa Integrity Group is prepared to review existing Mechanical Integrity programs and make recommendations to the customer to adjust their existing programs for compliance.

Vessel inspections are complete and include the review of U-1A data sheets, nameplate verification, nozzles, and head and shell thickness evaluations. These inspections can be carried out by qualified API-510 pressure vessel inspectors.

No inspection is complete without a good engineering report. The company has a competent team of engineers, technical staff, AUTOCAD draftsman and data input personnel to compile excellent data documentation and evaluations.

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