NDT and Visual Inspection (Rope Access)

When scaffolding is too expensive an option, utilize rope access crews with NDT and visual certifications for your inspection needs.

NDT rope access inspectionRope access is by far the less expensive and safer option when it comes to NDT and visual inspection at heights. Our rope access technicians are trained and certified by SPRAT, and to SNT-TC-1A standards. Another obvious benefit of rope access and rope access technicians is the multifunctionality provided. Not only can our teams reach areas that would typically require scaffolding (which is time-consuming and expensive), but they can also perform several different NDT and visual inspections while there. Not to mention, the ability of these same technicians to handle repairs, electrical work, and rigging makes them an excellent choice for your hard-to-reach projects.

Why Versa?

When your company has entrusted you to hire the right vendor to manage your mechanical integrity (MI) program, or handle that pipe rack UT reading, do you call two service providers? How much time does that take? What about the cost of hiring two service providers and the logistical efforts that go along with it? This is where the Versa rope access team and our other services come into play. We can handle your mechanical integrity (MI) program through our ARR department, and handle any at heights NDT, visual inspection, maintenance, or rigging with our rope access division. This is what we call the unified solution.


  • UT- digital thickness/shear wave, PA, AUT, Guided Wave Ultrasonic Testing, MT, PT, ACFM, PMI
  • Radiography- conventional film, computed radiography, digital radiography
  • Visual inspection- VT, API 510, API 570, API 653
  • Bridge inspection- FHWA-NHI Safety Inspection of In-Service Bridges
  • Wind energy- blade inspection, root crack external/internal
  • Acoustic Emission surveys

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