Plant Turnaround Support

Versa Integrity Group has a large complement of certified visual inspectors with varied background of experiences.

What is Plant Turnaround Support?

A plant turnaround constitutes the management of a scheduled plant shutdown to perform maintenance, inspection, and repairs that are not possible while the plant is online. This management process is continuous, moving from one scheduled plant shutdown to the next.

Advantages of Versa Plant Turnaround Support

Plant turnarounds are the most complex and expensive maintenance projects that plants engage in. Loss of production combined with the actual cost of inspections, maintenance, and repair can quickly add up, even with proper planning and execution. Versa Integrity Group’s experience in Plant Turnaround Support provides clients with a plan they can trust, combined with superior inspections and analysis of process equipment. Our Risk Based Inspection (RBI) services further mitigate excess cost and time loss by helping inspection and reliability engineers focus their resources on areas that truly need attention. This state-of-the-art practice utilizes technology that considers the probability and consequences of an undesirable event, rather than simply using traditional time-based practices. Lastly, API-571 Damage Mechanism reviews performed before the Turnaround itself can significantly reduce the cost of repair or replacement of equipment, as opposed to locating the issue during the shutdown.

Main Assets:

  • API 510 pressure vessel inspectors
  • API 570 piping inspectors
  • API 653 above ground storage tank inspectors
  • STI-001 steel tank inspectors
  • AWS-CWI welding inspectors
  • NACE coating inspectors
  • NDT support personnel

Advanced Reliability Resources:

  • API-571 Damage Mechanisms reviews for Turnaround Preparation
  • API-579 Fitness for Service services
  • Forensic Engineering
  • RBI staffing for real time Turnaround assessments
  • In-Situ Metallographic Replication

Other Assets:

  • Material hardness testing
  • Positive material identification (PMI) and Ferrite Testing
  • Magnetic flux leakage of tank floors
  • Helium gas detection of above ground storage tank voids, including floating roof pontoons, weld seams, and tank floor appurtenances
  • ACFM coke drums, contact towers, exchangers, and process vessels
  • AUT corrosion mapping
  • Corrosion under insulation (CUI)
  • ASNT level III consulting
  • Rope access climbing personnel certified Level I, II, and III by SPRAT and are ASNT Level II in RT, UT thickness, MT, and PT
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