Portable Laser Corrosion Mapping

Manual pit gauges are a thing of the past. Versa's laser corrosion mapping technology allows the end user to do more with the data.

As a leader and pioneer in the application of Automated Ultrasonics (AUT), Versa Integrity Group can meet all your needs when it comes to Automated Ultrasonics for corrosion mapping and monitoring. When used in combination with our Rope Access division, we can dramatically reduce the cost of infrastructure to access your hard to reach areas.

What is Laser Corrosion Mapping?

Laser Corrosion Mapping takes a manual pit-gauge exercise of measuring depressions and features on surface, and turns it into a user-independent, repeatable presentation. The Laser Corrosion Mapping presentations are quite similar to an AUT C-scan presentation in that they both allow the end user to take the data and create maps of corrosion areas, while also performing trend analyses of the corrosion. However, this is where the similarity between AUT and Laser Corrosion Mapping halt. AUT cannot penetrate when external corrosion is too great, insulation cannot be removed, or internal components are the object of the scan. Laser Corrosion Mapping can perform in these conditions reducing the chances of damage mechanisms creating future issues.

Laser Corrosion Mapping Services

  • Corrosion and damage monitoring
  • Component replication (reverse engineering)
  • Creates virtual copies of piping spools and components for exact fabrication onshore
  • Space monitoring
  • For designing “exact fit” parts such as covers, screens, clamps, etc. A simple description would be a perfect fit for a new design floor mat for a vehicle.

Video Presentation

Due to the complexities of this technique, we have created a video of this technique in conjunction with our equipment supplier Creaform.

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