Real-Time Radiography (RTR)

Detect changes in wall thickness without the radiation barrier. Use real-time radiography with the LIXI Profiler.

Real-Time Radiography

Real-Time RadiographyReal-time radiography has become an excellent NDT method for detecting corrosion under insulation (CUI) and high temperature Sulfidation corrosion (HTSC). Real-time radiography with the LIXI Profiler measures the attenuation of a highly-collimated radiation beam. This highly-collimated radiation beam allows exact calibration of the real-time radiographic profiler to a known material standard. This, in turn, means we can convert the amount of radiation (gamma rays) received into a meaningful measure of thickness (hence real-time radiography’s application for wall thickness readings). Furthermore. The LIXI Profiler equipment comes with different arm sizes to fit the device around a multitude of pipe diameters. Significantly reducing the time necessary to set and re-set the profiler.

Why Versa?

So, what does all that mean for you? Well, our real-time radiography capabilities mean that removing insulation to locate corrosion under insulation (CUI) is no longer necessary. This is not possible with conventional radiographic testing. Additionally, radiation barricades are unnecessary as real-time radiography does not use industrial radiographic elements. Finally, real-time results combined with minimal time for assembly and calibration ensure that you have the reports you need in a timely manner. Now of course other NDT service providers offer real-time radiography, but, Versa Integrity Group offers our full-suite of asset integrity management services in conjunction with our NDT services. This means you don’t have the headache of managing billing of several contractors at once. We are your unified solution.

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