Shop and Manufacturing Inspections

Versa Integrity Group provides visual and NDE inspection services to support the quality control programs of manufacturing shops and fabrication facilities.

What are Shop/Manufacturing Inspections?

This type of inspection work occurs during the production process of a multitude of large diameter/thick shell plated pressure vessels, components for deep-water manifolds (including exotic metal, multi-layer piping components), and valve manufacturing requiring magnetic particle inspection.

Advantages of Versa Shop/Manufacturing Inspections

Versa offers sensitive radiography procedures using x-ray tube systems to support special applications ranging from aluminum fabrication to items such as rotor blades for helicopters. Additionally, we are licensed to handle multiple types of equipment from radiography to advanced equipment that will meet your needs. Finally, Versa can provide visual and quality assurance inspectors that monitor shop and manufacturing plants for vendor surveillance support as needed.

Shop/Manufacturing Inspection Services

Versa owns and operates digital RT systems at plant locations to support mechanical integrity inspection and manufacturing facilities dedicated to the fabrication of deep water components for drilling and production systems.

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