From failure analysis to vendor surveillance, our group of experts bring the expertise and knowledge to get the job done the right way.

What is Failure Analysis?

Versa understands that no matter how much we try and avoid it, sometimes failures happen. This is as true in the oil and gas industry as it is anywhere else in life. This is why we provide expert failure analysis services to our clients. When you say, “I need a failure analysis.”, our teams of seasoned, senior engineers can help; we understand what needs to be done and we will get answers to your important questions.

Root Cause Failure Analysis

Versa performs root cause failure analysis (RCFA) to fully understand the reason(s) for unplanned events in industry or with infrastructure.

Root cause analysis is a structured approach to identifying the factors that resulted in the nature, magnitude, location, and timing of harmful component consequences. We identify what behaviors, actions, inactions or conditions need to be changed to prevent recurrence of similar damaging outcomes. Lessons learned are identified to promote the achievement of better future results and performance.

When performing failure analysis, our goal is to:

  • Solve Problems
  • Deliver Answers
  • Provide Meaningful Recommendations

Advantages & Benefits of Versa Failure Analysis

It is our job to ensure that you receive vital information that makes sense to you and the intended receivers. For this reason, we have developed our failure analysis test reports to be:

  • Straight Forward
  • On Time
  • Within Budget

Our failure analysis test reports are documented with photographs that chronicle each step of the project as well as all critical evidence that supports the root cause conclusions. We are known for providing concise statements concerning the cause of the failure and what also was not found.

Our trained RCFA experts are available to conduct in-house or off site investigations to get the answers you need.

What is Forensic Analysis?

Forensics isn’t just for CSI; forensic analysis can be used in industrial settings as well. Unexpected incidents can lead to disputes over causes, compliance, and who’s at fault. Versa Integrity’s technical experts can help you get the facts quickly using forensic analysis.

Forensic analysis involves techniques such as industrial forensic microscopy, microanalysis, and materials analysis to investigate incidents and determine their causes. These can include anything from fires and explosions to mechanical or structural failure. Forensic science attempts to determine what happened, how it happened, and what caused it.

Advantages & Benefits of Versa Forensic Analysis

Our forensic scientists are able to assist you to complete fact-finding, assess case history, and provide in-depth technical evaluation with concise insights and timely perspective, which can be essential to successful litigation efforts.

Our complete forensic/litigation services include:

  • Expert technical support
  • Deposition testimony and review
  • Jury trial support
  • Public hearings
  • Technical assessments involving process plant engineering, contracting, design, construction, operation, safety, etc.
  • Environmental consultation including regulations, hazardous materials, remediation, fugitive emissions, Basic Available Control Technology assessment, etc.
  • Technical performance guarantees
  • Probability and risk assessments
  • Forensic determinations, such as materials, piping, mechanical and/or equipment failure, fire damage assessments, etc.
  • Project execution assessments
  • Compliance auditing & evaluations
  • Intellectual property support
  • Document reviews
  • Emergency operations review

What is Vendor Surveillance?

You’re a good company. You work hard to make sure all your products and services are made to the highest possible quality and follows all relevant codes and regulations. But can you say the same of your vendors? Even if you do everything you can to make your products and services follow all possible standards and regulations, if your supplier is giving you poor quality materials, you may still be falling short.

Advantages & Benefits of Versa Vendor Surveillance

Versa provides vendor surveillance services to our clients to ensure that all their vendors are complying with all relevant codes, standards, and regulations. We can monitor vendor’s manufacturing and inspection processes to ensure that all products are being made within your specifications. Vendor surveillance in most foreign companies is a function that we can execute efficiently.

Our inspection team is comprised of both engineers and inspectors possessing a range of certifications including American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector (AWS CWI), American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT), American Petroleum Institute (API), National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), and other respected industry licensing entities.

Advantages & Benefits of Versa Construction Management?

Versa senior operations personnel have been engaged to check out new process plants during their construction and prior to operation. These reviews have identified many issues and enabled their correction prior to startup. Included in this work is field walk-downs and preparation and review of operating procedures. Our goal is to produce a functionally and financially viable project.

Our construction management personnel have at least 30 years of industry experience and come from top leadership roles. They have the ability to handle safety, time management, cost management, quality management, decision making and human resources.

What are Quality Assurance / Quality Control?

Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) are essential processes in the oil & gas industry to prevent mistakes or defects in manufacturing and ensure that end products will meet codes, standards, and quality requirements.

Advantages & Benefits of Versa QA/QC

Versa provides industry-leading QA/QC services with a systematic process of checking to evaluate if a product or service being developed is meeting specified requirements. We want to insure our customers produce only the highest quality products and services.

Our efficient quality assurance system will improve work processes and efficiency, and to enable your company to better compete with others. Our goal with quality assurance focuses on enhancing and improving the process that is used to create the best possible end result. Our creative and experienced individuals can identify these opportunities.

Versa can develop customized QA/QC programs for our clients. Our group of experts bring over 50 years of expertise and knowledge of developing solid QA/QC programs.

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