TLP/SPAR Inspections

Versa Integrity Group has been engaged in floating TLP/SPAR inspections for over ten years. Our personnel participate in 8 to 10 annual inspections per year.

Services Provided

The company furnishes Rope Access personnel to accommodate those elevated locations requiring close visual inspections of major joints included in the In-Service Inspection Plan (ISIP).

Provide personnel access to under deck structural joints, under cellar deck main jacket leg connections, cross member brace inspections and internal hull void access without the need for fixed scaffolding

NDE Services

  • Perform Ultrasonic thickness surveys of hull areas identified by ABS and USCG. Versa maintains an ABS External Specialist certificate for TLP hull gauging.
  • Perform ACFM inspection on structural weld joints to identify surface breaking anomalies.
  • SPRAT certified rope access technicians that are certified to SNT-TC-1A in various NDE methods including UT thickness, magnetic particle, dye penetrant, and radiography test methods.
  • Perform all Advanced Specialty Services in conjunction with rope access technicians such as AUT, retro-pmi, etc.


It is not unusual for our customer's operation and maintenance personnel to ask us to assist them in performing maintenance tasks while offshore on the inspections. These services can range from changing injection components, light painting, light piping retrofit, welding and tasks as simple as changing light bulbs.

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